Los mayas nunca se fueron. Hoy hablan q’eqchi’. Alta Verapaz y El Petén - Tres mil años de historia

What may be translated as:

The Maya never really disappeared. They are speaking Q’eqchi’ today.  Alta Verapaz and El Petén – Three thousand years of history.


Modern documentaries on Maya culture keep fostering the mystery that the great pyramid builders suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Maya scholars know this can’t be true but have hardly researched what happened to this people. It is assumed they migrated north, to the Yucatan peninsula.

The book demonstrates that the Q’eqchi’ Maya absorbed a substantial part of the Classic Maya who built the pyramids of Tikal, Ceibal, Calakmul or Caracol. In the process, these Ch’ol Maya lost their language. The key to recognizing their descendants are their surnames. Many surnames today considered Q’eqchi’ are actually Ch’ol in origin. It is only one of the innovative aspects of this newly published book.

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